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May 10, 2015

Topics include

Hitting the Post w/ Adam Carolla

Doobie Bros. Concert Review

Baltimore Riots


Atlanta Restaurateur Todd Ginsberg







almost nine years ago

Modcast are getting more and more professional. I am sitting here waiting on your reentry to the boring Atlanta airwaves.

I don't know what to say about SS Steve. The cast never pays homage to you either. That show is so vanilla. It won't be long before Cumulus cleans house and brings the king of snark back.

You pal Chip

rick craig
almost nine years ago

Mr wachs I'm so glad you're doing theses modcasts it's saving me from listening to the fucking idiots on atl radio oh yes I said fucking idiots I'm sure you agree you were the only fucking reason I even turned the radio on . Now they got a ASS HAT in your place what a big pile of shit this jason guy is listening to him is like putting my dick in a garbage disposal what a fucking shame and a disgrace to the loyal fans of the regular guys OK ok I'm rambling sorry but thank the Lord baby Jesus your doing this God bless you sir.. oh please in all that's mighty put more out I need one every day...