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Mar 23, 2018

It doesn’t really affect me, but it does in a way. My golf buddies at the club are all in a tizzy today.

My text was blowing up, “TRUMP JUST CAVED!!!!! WTF?!?!?!?” I hope they weren’t driving.

They were referring to what anonymous sources are calling the “$1.3 TRILLION OMINOUS DEAL,” that Trump just signed. This deal contained everything the globalists love, and the MAGANS despise including but not limited to: money laundering, border erasing, drug and human trafficking, illegal and gross organ harvesting, and pedophilia, but very little of what the MAGANs want with only a measly $700 billion in military funding.

And everyone on social media is yelling back and forth that “it’s the end! It’s over! Trump’s finished!” Even though we’ve been down that road 1000 times. But people are scared, so I understand.

There’s a reason that I’m not upset in the least about today’s controversial developments. In fact, I’ve never felt more confident about my choice for President and I got roasted by my golf buddies and on social media for saying this.

Seriously, do you not EXPECT high drama at this point? Everyone knows the stakes are tremendous. And who always wins these cliffhangers?  Your boy.

Let’s examine this cliffhanger by giving the spending bill a new, more accurate name. Let’s call it the “FUCK YOU AMERICA, LOVE, THE GLOBALIST BILL.” Another Bill that rapes us. 

And this is what’s upsetting to people because they see globalists telling Trump to fuck off, but they know it’s really directed at the people watching at home. Once they remove Trump, they move on us.

But I would offer that this is not surprising. Be it resolved; the Globalists hate our ass. All of us. Trump haters, fanboys and agnostics alike. When the globalists come, they don’t care who you preferred.

So it should be no surprise that globalists would tell Trump and America to fuck off. That’s what the losers do.  Having been a loser, I can tell you I have tried this losing strategy myself.

At his rallies, President Trump often ended the show with that Stones tune that goes, “You can’t always get what you want, you get what you need.” I thought it was odd. I didn’t know why that would be his song.  I pegged him as more of a Steely Dan guy. Today is one of those days that tells us why.

Art of the Deal 101. The only thing the President NEEDED from this stupid, clumsy bill HE GOT! 

Did he WANT the wall? Yes.

Did he WANT to cut off Planned Parenthood? Yup.

Does he WANT to end sanctuary shitholes? 100

But in order to get what you WANT, you have to FIRST get what you NEED.

And President Trump NEEDS the MILITARY in order to moot those things he seemingly gave away. 

Without the MILITARY getting up to speed, there is no swamp draining happening. 

BTW, the corruption in our beloved country is THAT BAD. 

Like, “we gotta call martial law” BAD. Let’s stop pretending that it’s not, because whether you like it or not, the President has just gotten the money he NEEDED to repair the military to go after the crookedness and corruption that has infiltrated our American lifestyle of peace and happiness.

That’s what the Chinese steel tariffs were all about. Get several steps ahead of the crooks. Our previous sell out (4) presidents used that shit Chinese steel from those assholes over there and used it in our military infrastructure. That’s the Chinese Way. Steal. You build us up and we thank you by destroying you. Trump the Builder comes in and puts an end to that.  We’re getting better steel. This upsets the Chinese crooks.

But he needs money NOW to rebuild the depleted military, you see, because he’s got Gitmo all set up, indictments just about ready to go, he’s already declared martial law, but the TV you watch doesn’t tell you this, and who do you call, as per the Constitution, when you need to arrest globalist enemies both foreign and domestic?

The Mad Men of the Military

So both sides get what they WANT in this ugly deal. It won’t matter in the long run. It’s all on the same dirty, Rothschild fiat currency dime. 

But Trump got what he NEEDS. A war chest to get us off the dirty, dangerous Rothschild dime that fuels all the corruption in our midst. 

He probably got way more than he needed too. If Trump could do a wall across the southern border for under $30 BILLION, do you think he really needs $700 BILLION to fix the military?  Only politicians need that much. Who lost this battle, really?

Now to have a relaxing round of golf with my buddies. 

And I thank you.