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Mar 6, 2018

In addition to guns, there has been a considerable amount of discussion about mental health these days, what with the school shootings, and that kids lately, particularly kid shooters, seem to be on an astonishing array of pharmaceuticals.
So let’s talk mental health. How do we make people mentally healthy? I have no fucking clue. And neither do you. 
I don’t even think the mental health pros know what they’re doing. If the problem is growing, I’d have to ask what the hell they're up to all day? Why do we entrust the cleanup of this mental health crisis to the people who let it happen? It’s like trusting CNN after they told you Hillary was gonna landslide it.
I heard a radio conversation on a pop station that went something like:
HE: I don’t wanna go on Zoloft. I don’t want to feel numb all the time.
SHE: Nothing wrong with it. It’s just a chemical imbalance.
It’s just a chemical imbalance, that’s all.
And just how does radio’s Gina in the Morning know this? Well, she doesn’t. She just heard it from TV or a friend. And it made sense to Gina. It comported with her refusal to research attitude toward life. 
What are the chemicals, Gina? How do they work and what are the correct ratios? 
Like whatever, it’s some kind of chemical imbalance, i don’t know.
In fairness to Gina and her Morning, this is most people’s view of mental health. 
But good news, more than a few people, since the latest school shooting, and it’s strange inconsistencies with the preferred narrative of the media, are asking the mental health pros if all these medications are necessary for kids, or maybe then there’s something rotten at the nexus of big medicine and the government? Fortunately, President Trump is one of those people asking the question and demanding answers.
Will he get them in time before they grab all of the guns from the people? Pretty sure.
A lot of my 2nd Amendment respecting friends are going weak in the knees from President Trump saying that he was unilaterally going to infringe on our right to get a bump stock. I am not one of them. 
I didn’t even know what a bump stock was before the Las Vegas shooting. So why would I care if Trump got rid of ‘em? It doesn’t infringe on my right to bear arms. It just infringes on my ability to get a bump stock. 
The reasons President Trump did this are clear to me. He knows that most law-abiding gun owners don’t know or care about bump stocks. He also knows that NONE of the gun hating media know or care about bump stocks, but they WILDLY overvalue and overdramatize their political usefulness.  So Trump wins by giving the Democrats, for free, a 5 cent item marked up to $20. They think they pulled one over on old Trumpy. They think they got him to tame the NRA with their rigged school shooting.
But wait! Now the Democrats can’t tell mid-term voters that Trump is an NRA puppet. Whoopsie!
Did you see the Gun Summit with Trump and all the senators? Did you see the look on Sen. Feinstein’s face when Trump said yes to all her moldy anti-Second Amendment proposals? 
Trump is up there saying, “Yeah, Dianne. We’ll put in some domestic violence provisions, some mental health provisions, whatever you want. Joe can we make this happen?” Like he’s running a Jewish deli and Dianne Feinstein was asking for extra lean corned beef.
And Dianne Feinstein looks at over at her middle aged girl friend, Amy Klobuchar, who makes her feel young, and they’re just beaming at each other like they snookered ole Trumpy into handing over the 2nd Amendment for cremation. They looked like schoolgirls who just scored backstage passes to meet Taylor Swift. 
What these two women don’t understand is now they are ON VIDEO as siding with Trump ON GUN CONTROL. And as with DACA, there's a good chance these measures will never pass because the Democrats will never give Trump a legislative victory. They don't know how to compromise because they never had to before. Once again they get nothing and give up everything. Goodbye, midterms! The only blue wave they’ll see is when they flush their toilet bowls.
Another route to the November rout was last week's fake Twitter fight between Trump and Sessions. The media, especially Hollywood, falls for this head fake every time, and after watching just 20 minutes of the grim loser party called the Oscars, I predict they will never stop falling for it. 
Trump has a great ability to make his enemies embrace their eventual destructor. It’s Sun Tzu level shit. In this case, knowing that the media will ALWAYS take the side of whomever Trump opposes, all Trump has to do is pretend that Sessions is being an asshole to him and not listening to his demands. 
The media instinctively rushes to Sessions defense by kissing his ass and saying over and over how wonderfully independent and brave Jeff is for not letting Adolf Trump push him around and make him send Hillary and Obama to Gitmo.
Then Sessions lowers the treason charges he's been laying the groundwork for over the last 2 years and BOOM BOOM BOOM (maybe more BOOMS). The media won't know what hit them. Now the media can’t cover for the traitors by saying that Sessions is not independent from Trump. Checkmate.
If you like your guns, you can keep your guns. Remember, there are a lot of people with CHEMICAL IMBAAAAAAALANCES! You might need them more than ever.