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Mar 21, 2018

One of the reasons I struggle to stay on the airwaves these days…Not the only reason, but the main reason…is that I’m too far ahead of the trends for my own good. Time and time again. Oh, yes. I can’t count how many times the Devil has come on down to Georgia tempting me to and others to pretend that certain things in America are not happening, and certain things that are not, are. Others have succumbed, but I have not. And I eat my Hamburger Helper with dignity.

The airwaves are still reeling from my stunning 2015 prediction of President Trump’s ascendancy, and now my latest foray into pre-relevance was when I started talking about #Qanon on Twitter around the 1st week in November 2017. Most of my peers thought I was losing it. I was a little, but not too much. 

Qanon is essentially the Trump Underground News Network. For the past 5 months, a group of Military Intelligence people, known as Q, and possibly Trump himself, are crowdsourcing drops of intel on the Twitter, anonymous Chans, and Reddit about what is really going on with the Trump Administration, and the global chess match to the death between the President and the world’s criminal bankers who have enslaved for us 100 years via debt with the aid of their corrupt puppets in the White House and media.  These stories have usually only been told via Jason Bourne, Tom Clancy, and Mel Gibson. All raving lunatics.

They went ballistic at the sports radio station when I talked about it on sports radio. Holy Moses! I was afraid they would break the door off the hinges to get me out of there. Maybe it was the wrong forum for that kind of thing, but even talking about Trump beating the living shit out of the NFL, a hot sports story of the past year, was frowned upon even though anyone with at least an eye could tell what was happening to the NFL. I mean, two new leagues just announced in the past 3 months and The Powers That B finally got sick of Richard Sherman and Michael Bennett and opted for speechless in Seattle this year.

Well, looks like I’m gonna be shunned for a bit longer because I’m ON TOP OF THE TRENDS AGAIN! UGH! Here comes that shunny day feeling again. 

#Qanon, the hottest and most suppressed Twitter hashtag in the history of social media—I mean for Christ’s sake they’re selling QAnon coffee mugs and t-shirts all over Amazon—has finally cracked into the mainstream media!!! The damn dam has burst this week! 

Comedy Central spent 15 minutes on one of their retarded shows, written by 35-year old Prius driving potheads, doing an in-depth mockery on the nutty, fringe craze of #QAnon, and how insane and retrograde the 5 million + tweets on the topic are. 

How smart is that? I don’t see it tracking well. These lads have never been challenged and have no idea how to win a culture war that wasn’t rigged in their favor. 

So now the Comedy Central foot soldiers and political strategists have alerted millions of people who likely weren’t aware of any of this #QAnon stuff and got ‘em plenty curious! And Comedy Central is all, “Well, we certainly put that #QAnonsense to rest!”

Next day on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, “Uhh, guys, there’s like a poll out? And it says that 75% of Americans believe there really is a “Deep State” shadow government run by unelecteds and corporations? And like, that number used to be, like, 5% of the population?”  Good work.

I don’t know if this has anything to do with it, but for quite sometime I’ve been sparring via email with one of America’s Late Night Liberal Darlings.  Poor guy. His best friends, Matt Damon and Barack Obama are fleeing this hemisphere. Maybe together. And other besties such as Jennifer and Justin are breaking up because….well, I don’t think she’s the bad one. 

I’ve emailed this Darling of the Smart Set, who’s very smart, a Deep State question from time to time like, “What do you think of Trump’s plan to crash and reboot the stock market, declare martial law (which he’s already done), and get rid of the income tax and Fed?”

To which he’ll answer something witty like, “Are you talking about Donald or Melania?” 


Lately I’m sending him straight QAnon posts, and he stopped responding. So I’m not saying I’m the patriot who plants the seeds of liberty behind enemy lines, but looks like the Hollywood Comedy Resistance Brigade (tonight at the LA Improv!), certainly is well aware of #Qanon. They’re hearing about it from the flyover for sure.

Maybe the reason Late Night Hosts of America, Inc. are so effeminately against Trump is that they are worried he will get a late night show of his own when he’s done being President. I don’t know if that’s going to happen, but the Late Night Comics of America, Inc. sure behave like he will. 

Well, good. Maybe some of these guys, who are really funny when they're not on the make with some crook politicians, will convert. I hope so. America misses it’s radio and TV funnymen. We want them back. Or at least replacements like WACHS who have a grasp on what the American people are really talking about. 

Welp, gotta go put on my Lady Liberty suit and hit the streets to drum up business for tax season. More news later.

And I thank you!