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Jan 20, 2018

Stormy Daniels is a professional hooker with some Regular Guys Show and SSSTV appearances to her credit.
She even wished my nephew Happy Bar Mitzvah in a special celebrity studded video I made for him. 
Very kind of her to do that for me and my nephew who had a great bar mitzvah because all his horny 
friends thought he had the coolest uncle and they all wanted to meet me.
You can tell by the interview, that there was plenty of chemistry between Stormy and myself. Good comic timing and all.
Stormy looks like she’s at least considering what it would be like to be with me. 
Did anything ever happened between me and Stormy? You’ll never know. You’ll never ever, ever know. 
Even if I told you I didn’t have sex with that woman, Ms. Daniels, 
and even if Stormy held a thunderous press conference 
denouncing the whole idea of WACHS V. Daniels, and vomited publicly to prove it,
EVEN if all that happened, you still wouldn’t ever KNOW.
So when the political operatives in the media tell you that, 12 years ago, President Trump got down with Stormy Daniels
after having social intercourse with Stormy Daniels, WACHS-style, 
and then paid her $130k in hooker cash to be quiet, like a pro does,
and then the President AND Stormy both deny it,
all you really know is someone is lying.
They either had sex or they didn’t, but you’ll never ever know. 
All you really know is that someone..Trump, Stormy, Media.. is lying.
And if YOU don’t know which one is lying, the media operatives don’t know either. I was talking to some media operatives today, and I asked a question. If indeed, President Trump and Stormy Daniels got it on one night. What of it? What happens next? What’s the next move?
There really is no more next move, is there? Do that many people care who Trump fucks? Without getting nauseous at the thought?
The people who want to see Trump out of office by any means necessary, are led by the Clintons, who have spent the past 20 years telling us that a president who has sex with his interns in the office of the President WHILE being married is OK. They’ve been very successful and vocal with this persuasion, and Bill is still out there lovin touchin huggin squeezin the other (YCMN!)
So how are they gonna bring down Trump with this Hail Mary?
They probably won’t. Americans didn’t care about a guy who got it on IN office. They care less about a guy who got it on OUT of office, and just gave them a huge tax cut, and is draining the corruption swamp. And most women are so jealous of Melania, that you can’t get them to care that much if she was cheated upon. 
Most of the country doesn’t care who Trump screws as long as it’s not them. And it’s gross to talk about.
That’s pretty much what #TheStormy is all about. Trying to stump the King of Leverage, before he stumps them permanently.
And I thank you.