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Hashtag Q Anon Hashtag The Storm

Jan 7, 2018

Tonight, Sunday night, 1/14, at 11pm I will once again be the guest of Dr. Walter M. Sterling on the Westwood One Radio Network, for a #qanon #thestorm update.

The show is on in Chicago, Washington, Philly, St. Lou, Minneapolis, to name a few. Not in Peachtree Corners, GA. If you're like me, you'll be listening on an app such as Tune In or iHeart.
Walter and I will discuss the two hashtags on Twitter 
that are sweeping the nation as we speak. 
So many good Americans have no idea about these hashtags
They are better than any book, movie, or Netflix Original combined.
After you read #qanon #thestorm, you will not care about the NFL so much or Better Call Saul’s next season. I'm writing this now as the Bills/Jax NFL playoff game grinds on. What a pit of misery that game is!
I’ve been following/reading 
for the past 3 months. 
#TheStorm got started at about the same time as #Qanon
The name derives from an utterance from the President to the media. During a photo op with the military, Trump said, “This is like the calm before the storm.”
A reporter asked to what storm Trump was referring, and Trump said, “You’ll find out.” 
#Qanon was started late in October by someone named Q on 4chan. Q claimed to be a Trump insider and started dropping clues on 4chan about what was really going on behind the scenes at Trump HQ. All the stuff the professional media refuses to discuss, such as the treasonous activities of our past 4 presidents, corruption of our government, media, banks, and churches, global sex and human trafficking, hi tech surveillance, global drug and gun running, and whatever else the top 1% are into.
The Deep Inner Circle of State is the complex network of celebrities, sports figures, leaders of charities, tech, meds, food, energy, 
religion, Google, Apple, Amazon, TV networks, news organizations, radio, that run our world.
The theory is organizations and institutions are and have been controlled by central banking bloodline families for a over a hundred years in this country. The ultimate goal of the central bankers is to have one world government and reduce the population to a manageable number of easily controlled serfs. It is said that maybe 8000 people run the world today with maybe 100 at the very top.
Many of our elite people have been selected to their positions of power by the central bankers because they are easily controlled and compromised by their sick secrets as we are finding out lately with all the Hollywood and corporate sex scandals sex scandals, and all the resignations of politicians and CEOs around the globe.
They all network with one another and come up with schemes to consolidate and cement their power and status. The Hunger Games Society setup is what the Deep Inner Circle State is trying to achieve.
The kind of power that comes with being a member of the trillionaire club is corrupting. You can do anything you want. Maybe even fly. Very intoxicating. Think of it. No hottie is out of reach. You can eat whatever you want, whenever you want it. You have every celebrity's phone number. You know all their secrets.
You may even get bored of the predictability of all that and start to get off on only sick things, like killing, suffering, war, shorting, fucking kids, selling dope to them. Life would become like a big game of GTA. If God is your only predator, you are on Satan’s team.
And that’s pretty much what President Trump is up against...
a Dynasty of Reptilian Vampire Bankers. Say what you will about Trump grabbing pussy, but you sure as hell can’t knock the ambition. The President has gone from grabbing blood spewers 
to grabbing bloodsuckers, and that’s progress.
It seems to me that President Trump and the military are pulling off a counter-coup against this Deep Inner Circle of State. They are staging a not totally bloodless infowar on the internet  for the hearts and minds of the American people. 
Now this is a huge undertaking, the dismantling of these global crooks and their giant network of evil. The people who have tried to take down the central bankers and their enforcers in the intelligence agencies in the past, have all been wacked.
JFK. That moron TOLD the CIA, a branch of the central bankers' military, that he was gonna blow ‘em up!
Stupid move, JFK!  
You must have A PLAN TO DRAIN THE SWAMP! You can't just run in there and tell the enemy your plans. That's why MAGA was born. It's something positive that people can rally around. Who's against Making America Great Again? Then you have the political cover to go in and do all the really ugly things that are necessary to restore our country back to peace, prosperity, and sovereignty.
Now, as we’ve seen, it’s been impossible for people to stump Trump. Half of the world wants him dead. Maximum effort and money has been thrown at the problem of stumping Trump and stop him from doing his doings. And still there has been no stumping done.
Ask yourself, “does that happen without some sort of solid plan? Is that pure luck?" How is it that Trump is a complete moron, yet the brightest minds on the planet have yet to outwit him? What does that make the people calling him a moron?"
I’m pretty sure a large part of the counter-coup against the Deep State bankers is #qanon. That’s for us, the US citizens. It's the digital version of the Anon pamphleteers of the first American Revolution.
Q is likely to be several people running a military operation with Trump’s approval. The strategy, from what I’ve read and observed, is to give citizens the information they need to determine for 
themselves what the government will be allowed to do to them in the future, to prepare the country for the shock of the wild events to come, including the destruction of the Clintons and Obamas and their global accomplices. If you don’t prepare citizens for big changes, it won’t end well.
But the main reason for the Qanon Phenomenon strategy is to have a wealth of untainted evidence for the military tribunals of the Clinton mafia. Military Tribunals are the Constitutional prescription for treason and espionage. 
This is bigger than bringing down a drug cartel. Pablo Escobar is small potatoes when compared to the Clintons. You just can't rush in and arrest them and then make your case in the corrupted courts and media that THEY own. You'd lose. And all your evidence would be inadmissible in civilian courts because it comes from NSA/Military surveillance. Then President Trump would be removed and killed.
But if you have an internet army of tens of millions of volunteer researchers stringing together timelines and connections from publicly available documents on the internet, from MSNBC, CNN, NYT, Google and the like, the fruit of the poisoned tree becomes cleansed and acceptable in a military tribunal.
All this makes sense from a tactical standpoint. The US national news media is trying to get Trump out of office. They spread slander about him daily. They never give him credit for anything! Everything he does is wrong. "He may be mentally challenged.”
So I think what’s going on with these hashtags in the past few months, is that Trump and the military have planted the seeds of his own news network/American education initiative. The Trump News Network is up and running. The seeds are sprouting at a rapid pace, red-pilling the people as it continues. 
THAT, my friends,  is a brilliant way to defeat the Evil Vampire Bankers that have run the world into a Pit of Misery. Will it work?
Read #qanon and #thestorm to find out. It looks like it is.
Even Roseanne is into Qanon. Her TV show is #1. Doubters?