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Godfather 4 starring Robert DeNiro as Fredo

Jun 11, 2018

Here’s the latest from the Q News Desk:


The NK Summit is a fraud to distract the media. Kim and Trump got married awhile back. Probably in China late last year in that secret palace.


Wait! It gets funnier!


This Summit is for show so the media will not be looking too carefully at what’s habbening (happening now sells BURGERS!) back home with Trump’s team of spies.


The IG Report (inspector general-ombudsmen of the agencies) operation is going on right now, and with it, the big reveal to the public about the unsavory practices of the Clintons and Obamas, leading to their eventual arrest.


Not that the media could stop it even if they were looking, but it’s just easier with them looking at NK Summit and kept busy trying to come up with ways to rhetorically shit on it. Like, you could beat off to porn when your wife’s home, but it’s just so much nicer when she leaves the house to take the kids for soccer practice.  So many more options for pleasure.


Besides, the media will be tricked into making the public pay close attention to this IG Report. So they can’t get too close just yet. That’s crucial. 


If the CNN/NYT/Tony Awards viewing public doesn’t see this with their own eyes on their favorite channels, rioting begins when the perps are arrested. Looks like a political purge. The Trump choir is on 8chan and that is not a big enough choir to prevent aharmonic behavior in the skreets.


From what I’ve been gathering, the IG Report about the DOJ/FBI behavior and who colluded with whom to rig the 2016 election will be coming out heavily redacted. This will trigger the CNN crowd into a rage. 


“tRUMP is hiding his guilt!” they will scream. “He’s redacting all the Russia! I knew it!!!”


MSNBC will have wall to wall coverage about the Redacted IG Report-Constitutional Crisis 2018, Worse than Watergate! Rachel Maddow will get on his high horse and scream for unredaction as much as he screams for unredicktion. 


And then….


Trump says, “You know what Sessions? You know what (IG) Horowitz? You know what Pelosi? Schumer? This is really unacceptable. I am hereby issuing an EO to unredact this bullshit and let’s be honest with the voters.”


And the media goes into a bigger frenzy! “We beat Drumpf! He’s caving! Impeachment is nigh!”

They’ll talk about this non-stop and the Oscar watching public will eat this up. It’ll trend on Twitter for days. #unredactit  #impeachDrumpf! 


All of a sudden, complete morons will know what “redact” means. 


And then…


The reveal. The IG Report is revealed with Ryan Seacrest, Kelly Ripa, Jimmy Kimmel , Steven Colbert, and special guest Bob Deniro hosting.


They open the special envelope with the unredacted IG report and it says….


THE DOJ AND FBI, UNDER THE AUSPICES OF OBAMA/CLINTON, ENGAGED IN ESPIONAGE AND ACTS OF TREASON . We recommend the 35,000 sealed indictments we’ve been gathering since last summer be let out of the cooler.


The looks on the hosts faces! Some will faint, some will sob, but that won’t quell the angry mob.


And scene.


Many of the Qanon people are talking like this will happen tomorrow, however, I think reasonably it’ll happen over the next few weeks, with a few notable suicidish deaths by doorknob hanging to keep us entertained in the interim.


After all, the stage is set but the actors need to play their roles and get the public’s attention. You need a few news cycles to pound it in.


If I’m wrong? Well, then I’m wrong, and I’ll try to do better next time. What’s your excuse?


And I thank you.