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Jan 29, 2018

My hometown radio station, WBAL in Baltimore, recently asked my opinion of something that happened there. 

The mayor, to address the high number of murders on the books in 2017, fired the police commissioner and replaced him with another guy.

What's that gonna do? WBAL wanted to know. I said, "Probably see the same amount of murders in 2018. Maybe more."

My question is: How is getting rid of one guy and replacing him with another guy from the same system that produced the murders, gonna be any different?

What is the solution to the Baltimore murder rate? Well, I lived in the areas of Baltimore where the murder rates have been, and still are, murder free. Maybe 1 every two years. And it's a big deal if and when it happens. One murder, people would be stressed for decades over it.

So one solution could be making people care more if people get murdered. I've found that the more people disapprove of murder, the less there is of it. The people of Baltimore, with 350 murders last year, apparently don't care enough yet.

Another good solution would be getting city youth jobs and fathers. 

JOBS AND FATHERS. Just get those things to the feral people who tend to murder and things should be less chaotic. 

And citizens, you gotta do your part. You're the ones who keep voting in the same party for 60 years now. Time for some fresh thinking off the bench, citizen coaches.

I don't care how they label themselves, liberal, left, conservative, right, libertarian. If only one party comes to the party, then you have a monopoly on power. No new thinking. No problem solving. Everything is done to fix the blame not fix the problem.

Rampant murder is not a hard problem to solve if you want to solve it. That's what civilization is all about. We've proven we can be civilized, so what accounts for the retreat to being uncivilized? We either have a civil society or we don't. We're not gonna get one if people with power don't care. And that's what we are currently facing. 

I think this will be solved, and solved relatively quickly because all across America there is a purge going on of the really stupid, incompetent, and evil people amongst the elites in society. CEOs stepping down, Congresspeople retiring, mysterious deaths, sex scandals. The swamp draining is crucial so the people can rebuild unimpeded by regression.

It's clear to me that this purge will be a very strong, lasting one and will not be turned back by those who benefit from the corruption that is going on in Baltimore. So I'm betting that the murder rate in Baltimore will be reduced, drastically, soon.

Then I saw this:

In this tale, NSFW Ron Jeremy (I spared you the picture of him that accompanied the above headline), who is a dirty movie actor, was accused of rape....IN THE WORKPLACE!

THE WORKPLACE! You cannot rape in the workplace. 

The Sacred American Workplace. Ron Jeremy was raping a woman in the Sacred American Workplace.

Who was this woman? Well, she was a dirty pornstar too, according to the story.

And where was this workplace? A Starbucks? Equifax? Did they work together, the two dirty movie actors, at a Carmax? Well, not exactly. The workplace in question was a porno shoot. 

The woman claims that Ron was not supposed to stick it to her during this shoot, but he got horny and did anyway and wouldn't stop.

Is that sexual misconduct? Are we surprised when Ron Jeremy gets horny and wants to stick it in during a dirty movie shoot?

Maybe it's time we should reconsider calling a PORN SHOOT a WORKPLACE! 

Full disclosure. I have been largely out of the workplace in the last several years, so maybe things have changed on this front that I'm not aware of, but I'm almost certain that anal sex is not allowed in the workplace.

You know what happens at a REAL WORKPLACE?


You know what DOESN'T HAPPEN at a real workplace?



Because anal sex is not work. Anal sex is not a job. You're not gonna get paid by the state unemployment commission if you tell them you're a laid off anal sex partner.

Now, sure, on a dirty movie shoot, there are people who ARE doing work. But let's remember, there are also people who are having anal sex there.

And anal sex, as we've discussed, is not a job. It could be a hobby! Probably closer to a psychological disorder. But not a job, anal sex.

Think of it like this. You're having colon surgery. The surgeon is working. That's his job.

YOU are just laying there, half dead. This is not work. There ya go.

I also found it disconcerting that the DIRTY MOVIE AWARDS, the people who give awards to people who are paid for their sexual misconduction, after finding out about Ron Jeremy having sex in the workplace, banned Ron Jeremy from the DIRTY MOVIE AWARDS.

The DIRTY MOVIE AWARDS banned Ron Jeremy because he tried to make a dirty movie dirtier with sexual misconduct. If you're banning people who do that, what behavior are you awarding then?

I'm telln ya, when dirty movies aren't about dirty people doing dirty things on a dirty movie set, how are we gonna have our dirty movies? We all agree that we need SOME dirty movies in our lives.  

So we have to find a balance. 

And I thank you.